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NC Museum of Art Team Building with Motley Clue Adventures
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Team Building Raleigh - Puzzles and Clues - Team Scavenger Hunt Mystery
Motley Clue Adventures Team Building in Raleigh
Motley Clue Adventures Team Building in Raleigh
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Motley Clue Adventures Team Building in Raleigh
Team Building Offsite with Motley Clue Adventures

Raleigh has some of the best museums in North Carolina! See where we hold our Team Events.

Motley Clue Adventures Team Building in Raleigh
Cohesive Team Building Scavenger Hunt - Raleigh
Motley Clue Adventures Team Building in Raleigh

team building activities in raleigh

Not convinced?  Check out our clients, and see what they have to say about their Motley Clue Team Building Event!

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Motley Clue Adventures Team Building
Motley Clue Adventures Team Building in Raleigh

'Out-the-Door' Pricing includes half-day event, facilitator, all fees, taxes, museum reservation, prizes, pictures, and museum conference center rental.

​​​​​​​Welcome to Raleigh's Most Unique Team Building experience! 

Motley Clue Team Building Activities combine the thrills and excitement of a puzzle-based adventure with the building blocks of teamwork to create Team Building Events unlike any other in Raleigh and RTP.  Teams build trust while sleuthing through an interactive Da Vinci code style mystery in one of Raleigh's coolest museum venues, solving puzzles, laughing, brainstorming, and bonding the entire way.   It's an inclusive, collaborative and cohesive team bonding experience unlike any other!

At the conclusion, Motley Clue provides a professional break down of the activity that highlights the concepts experienced, resulting in a natural take-away that you can see back at the office.  No other Team Building in Raleigh motivates, engages and rewards teams like Motley Clue Adventures!

Team Building Scavenger Hunt - NC Museum of Art
NC Museum of History Team Building with Motley Clue Adventures

Raleigh Team Building Activities by Motley Clue:  What to Expect

You are about to embark on the most unique team building experience in Raleigh.

Your journey begins at one of our premier team building museum partners:  NC Museum of Art, NC Museum of History or NC Museum of Natural Sciences, where your team will be tested in one of our original Team Building Scavenger Hunt Mysteries.

Your team must prove to be not only clever, but efficient.  Your adaptability and outside-the-box thinking will be key.  Your ability to work together, reason, plan and collaborate will all be tested.

You'll be organized into teams and will start with a brief introduction from your facilitator to get the basics of your mission.   You'll learn about the nefarious villains you must outwit to save the day and will also receive an ominous locked box of evidence that you must use to solve devious puzzles leading to several museum exhibits.  Your evidence box could contain almost anything, but possibilities include:  Jellybeans, Fortune Cookies, Clocks, Mirrors, Code Wheels and the like.  It will be up to you and your team to work together to make sense of these items to solve our puzzles which lead you to clues hidden in the exhibits themselves.

Once you make your way to the proper exhibit, your team must search (scavenger hunt style) for pieces of information which can used to reveal 10 vital clues needed to solve the mystery.  But be careful - any wrong answers will cost you valuable points on your way to bringing our culprit to justice.

Once teams return from the hunt, a structured debrief is given, helping to illuminate the basic team building concepts used while on your hunt and how they correspond to issues you may face back at the office.  Inclusive team play, collaboration, communication and trust are all natural take-aways from a Motley Clue Adventure.   Team lessons are always better learned by 'doing' than by 'lecture'.

Final answers are revealed after the Mission Debrief, and then our top teams are recognized and awarded their prizes.

The final 'big finish' is called the Motley Clue Final Challenge, which typically involves solving one final diabolical team puzzle to open up our massive treasure chest to win the day.  Without giving away too much, the final challenge wraps up the day with a surprise ending that brings all the teams together in the spirit of inclusive team play.

If you're looking for something completely out of the box, interesting, collaborative, completely entertaining with a sense of purpose, please give us a call at 919.412.9667 and you too can experience the most unique team building activity in Raleigh!

Motley Clue Team Building Themes
NC Museum of Natural Sciences Team Building with Motley Clue Adventures


We have a variety of themes for our immersive Team Building Activities, including our whodunnit "Murder at the Museum", "Inheritance", time-traveling "Chron-iIllogical", and espionage-thriller, "Spies Among Us"

Motley Clue Adventures Team Building Sherlock Logo
Motley Clue Adventures Team Building in Raleigh
Motley Clue Adventures Team Building


BOSS:  It's time to raise the troops spirit!  We need a sure-fire, crowd-pleasing Team Building Event to boost morale around here!  

And I want you to find it!   And fast!!!

YOU:  To be clear, I need to find the best Team Building, employee bonding option in the Triangle...  

- It has to be FUN, EXCITING and ENGAGING. 

- It needs to show the benefits of TEAMWORK, feature PROBLEM SOLVING, foster CAMARADERIE, without a snooze-fest lecture.


- We need participants to LAUGH, BOND, STRATEGIZE, PURSUE a COMMON GOAL, and SUCCEED in a meaningful way.

- It needs to be INTERESTING, and feature some of Raleigh's most incredible MUSEUM VENUES

- It must be THEMED and include opportunities for TEACHABLE MOMENTS without preaching.

- It should contain SURPRISES and have an OUTSIDE THE BOX feel that results in a true COLLABORATIVE EXPERIENCE.

Is that about right?

BOSS:  Yes, exactly!   And we need it immediately.

YOU:  No problem!   Motley Clue Adventures handles ALL OF THAT !