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Motley Clue Adventures Team Building - Raleigh

"My work is a game; a very serious game." 

M.C. Escher

Motley Clue Adventures offers a unique Team Building experience for any size company. Our goal is to improve the morale and communication of Triangle area business teams through our immersive Team Scavenger Hunt Mysteries. 

The idea of building teams using puzzles and mystery against the backdrop of a vast city-scape or museum is more than just fun. Your team gets to enjoy an immersive off-site event, where everyone (even the guy who hates group activities) gets in on the action.

Each puzzle is specifically designed with a different outcome in mind. Very few of our challenges are of the garden 'crossword puzzle' variety. Our intent is for our players to collaboratively use all of their senses to think 'outside the box' in discovering solutions. No special skills are required. 

Groups leave having worked, laughed, griped, and struggled together, all in the name of solving a mystery. And, usually without even realizing it, they've built trust, camaraderie and stronger bonds than you get with any other type of team building.