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Murder at the museum

Motley Clue Adventures Themes - Chron-illogical

Coming Soon for VIRTUAL ! 

Spies among us

* Available Now* in VIRTUAL ! 

* Available Now* in VIRTUAL ! 

Coming Soon for VIRTUAL ! 

Battling Team Pandemic Fatigue ?

Motley Clue now offers a fully virtual, socially-distanced team building experience, full of puzzles, games, and scavenger hunt clues located in virtual museums across the globe!  

Your team will solve puzzles leading to the Louvre in Paris, London's National Gallery, Washington's Museum of African American History and Culture, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and many more!

Developed in partnership with the NC State Executive Education Department, our professionally facilitated virtual team event is run through Zoom, WebEx or your choice of teleconferencing software and lasts approximately 3.25 hours.

Motivate, reward and engage your team like never before as they immerse themselves into the puzzles, clues and tantalizing mystery of a Motley Clue team building experience.  No previous knowledge is required, and all you'll need is an internet connection, Chrome browser, and an Adobe .pdf reader!   Check out our assortment of team adventures by clicking on images below!

Motley Clue Adventures Themes - Inheritance

The inheritance



Motley Clue Adventures Themes - Murder at the Museum
Motley Clue Adventures Themes - Spies Among Us

Coming Soon for VIRTUAL ! 

Motley Clue Adventures Themes